Faculty Review

We’ve spent the past month or so moving. Since we only moved to the house next door, the whole process was dragged out, and we’ve been hauling over boxes bit by bit. We’ve been making an effort to reduce our stuff, which means we’ve been going through every little thing we own (and getting rid of most of it).

I found something, which must have wandered into my possession while I was working for our honors department. It’s a faculty review, written by one of my favorite ever professors. It made me laugh, so I thought I would share.

“Comp. II dull? Not Bill’s. Students sullen, unresponsive? Not Bill’s. Credit the affable and intelligent Mr. Smith with restoring both sanity and humor to one of the least liked writing courses the department offers.

Fearful of falling asleep in a class that I have always dreaded to observe – I have, under duress, observed other Comp. II classes and nearly tumbled out of my seat in response to the drone that passed for teaching – I saved half a thermos of coffee and pouched out both cheeks with hard candy. To my delight, I needed neither the caffeine nor the sugar. Bill conquered. All the students finished on time, and, in the process, learned from Bill and one another. Pay the man.”

Finding it reminded me of a website I like to keep up on, Letters of Note. They’ve had some pretty interesting finds. Or the equally entertaining, but generally less profound, Passive Aggressive Notes.

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