#1 Serenity

Serenity Firefly episode poster

I came home one day after a night class at Cal, and my Dad tells me that he Tivo’d something (this was before every house had a DVR, and we used rotary phones and dinosaurs roamed the Earth). He says, “It’s a sci-fi western. Like, cowboys in space.” To which I said, “that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

As it turned out, the series was one of the best things I’d seen on TV. It’s hilarious, the characters are great, and while it does have elements of science fiction and traditional westerns, they’re secondary to everything else. You can still catch it on the Science channel (also SyFy, I think?), or just go ahead and buy it. So why am I rambling about some canceled TV series? Well, it’s my next project.

I’ve been doing the Word Art Project for awhile now (in 8 or so months I’ve produced 32 of them), and I’m taking a break. I wanted to work with a different format for awhile (it’s not square!) and on something a bit more limited than “whatever I feel like doodling.”

Thus, I decided to make posters for each Firefly episode. There are only 14 of them, which makes for a limited run, and we’ve already gone over what a nerd I am regarding the show. Speaking of which, I’ll be doing them in the originally intended order, and not the Fox-ruins-everything-it-touches order the episodes actually aired in.

Fans of the series may notice (as the husband did) that they don’t exactly scream ‘Verse, style-wise. I wanted to give them sort of a ’50s sci-fi vibe, a la “The Blob” or “Forbidden Planet.” Enough talk, poster time.

Serenity Firefly episode poster

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