Illustrated Portraits

Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day, Illustrated Portrait

As a result of doing these Firefly posters, I find myself needing to draw people pretty frequently. I’m not too bad at drawing something that looks vaguely like a person, but drawing something that looks like a specific person… I could use some extra practice at that. I had a Rolling Stone laying around with this dude on the cover, so I used that and about four other photos Frankensteined together. I started with just a flat drawing (as I do with the Firefly posters), but I wanted to experiment with some texture I’ve been using on other projects.

So now I have this illustrated portrait that is not at all stalkery, Mr. Armstrong, honest. I’m a big fan of your work, sir, please don’t call the police.

Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day, Illustrated PortraitMike Dirnt, Green Day, Illustrated Portrait


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