love stINKS

So last night, I got to hang out with the Commonwealth Press crew, and do some printmaking. I haven’t screenprinted anything myself since sophomore year of college (so… 2002ish?). Luckily, the boys did all the hard work, and all I had to do was decide what kind of paper I wanted and pull a little ink.



Lisa from Sapling Press gave us the run down on how to use the letterpress. I’m sort of in love with letterpress, and I’m fairly sure that if I had access to one of these machines, I’d never get anything else done (but I would have just the NICEST to-do lists).


They also had a woodblock print set up, which is a little more in my wheelhouse.


I met some awesome new people, Dan Rugh gave me a hard time, and I went home with some pretty sweet hand-made valentines. If you want to know when they’re throwing another shindig, you can keep up with Commonwealth and/or Sapling Press on the Twitters. More photos, as usual, on the Facebook.




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