Livorno, Florence, Italy


So for our ten year anniversary, we had an adventure in Florence. We docked in Livorno, and took a shuttle from the pier into town. Once we got there, we had to figure out how to get into Florence. We walked a bit to the bus stop, and got a little lost. I asked an older man in a shop, but he didn’t speak English. Really, no one in town did, but we eventually figured out that the #1 bus went to the train station. We didn’t get tickets for the bus, but no one ever asked.



At the train station, I got us tickets ordered, and then we learned that Italian trains are in no hurry to be anywhere. We found our platform and waited, and eventually a woman came over to tell everyone that they had switched tracks, so we had to move to another platform. The train was crazy hot, and kept stopping at random intervals.



We got into Florence about half an hour later than we were supposed to. Picked up a map at the station, and saw Santa Maria Novella, then headed toward il Duomo. The streets are really narrow, and we saw a lot of scooters and bicycles.





I had to have taken a few dozen photos of il Duomo.



We found some gelato nearby, and I just ate and stared at the thing. John said the gelato was worth the hour and a half train ride. We looped around to the Archealogical Museum, but it was closed, so we spent some time in the Bargello.





It used to be a prison, but now it’s a sculpture museum. The building itself was really impressive, and I got to see Donatello’s David (which is bigger than I thought). I subjected my poor husband to a lecture on how it differs from Michelangelo’s David.

We had to start back toward the station so we wouldn’t be late, and went through the market. Insanely crowded, hot and loud. Browsed some of the goods and eventually found our way back to the train. We find out we were supposed to get our tickets validated, but we didn’t. The girl said she’d let it slide, and marked us off anyway.

We tried to hop a bus back, but couldn’t buy tickets on the bus without smaller change. We broke a 20 in a little shop, but when we came back out, some kids that do tours in Rome gave us tickets (and info on their tours, of course). Again, no one asked for our tickets, and we didn’t pay for the bus.





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  1. Ahh! This brings back memories of when I spent 3 weeks in Florence. However, the best gelato can be found in San Gemignano. Apparently, the gelato shop there wins awards year after year for their delicious products. Gotta love the Duomo! Did you traverse the 564 steps? Congrats on FP!

  2. Beautiful pix — thank you for sharing your “day in the life” in a place I may never have the opportunity to visit.
    Now I can say I’ve “been there, done that” — if only vicariously!


  3. Fabulous photos! Thanks for sharing your anniversary adventure with us! I blog from Haiti where most buldings of note where wiped out in the earthquake. How fun to see photos of city other than Port-au-Prince! Happy Holidays from my camera to yours!

    1. I like Nikon, and usually shoot with the D300. I decided to take the D40 on this trip, though, and only brought my 18-55 kit lens and the 35 1.4. I brought the same set-up (plus a film camera) to New York in February.

  4. Bellissima Firenze…
    It is a beautiful city… then again most of Italy is 🙂

    It has been a while since I had a chance to visit florence, I am a bit “geloso” and reading about the gelato does not help 🙂

  5. Thank you for this post!It’s always nice to see Italy and how people see my county.
    If you want to know more I suggest you this post: Things you probably don’t know about Italy – Not the usual list
    I hope you’ll enjoy it!
    Let me know!

  6. I absolutely love the intricacy of the architecture! It’s like a puzzle that I could look at for a very long time to see how all the pieces fit. Thanks for sharing your views.

  7. We went to Florence in Oct 2008 and it was awesome. Did you get a chance to see the burial place of The Michaelangelo in a nearby church San Croce. Plus saw the statue of David by Michaelangelo in the Acadamia in Florence. Epic.

  8. Great photos! Really love the second one of Il Duomo. Even though it’s having some reconstruction done on it, it’s still a magnificent building! Love the crispness of the photo. I’m definitely planning on heading there one day but for now I’m going to be living vicariously through the interwebs! Hehe.. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  9. Great pics! I’ll stay tuned for the rest of the trip (and perhaps beyond). I had a friend who moved to Britain for work over a three year time period. He got to see so much of Europe, but commented on the particular loveliness of Florence.
    Enjoy your trip and congratulations on being freshly pressed! ~P

  10. Lovely pics.
    Made my day.

    Just want to ask one thing. How much time would you take to take one of the pics and how many pics would you take to zero in on one of the pics to post it.

    1. Hmm. Generally, I only took a few seconds to take a shot. We were primarily on vacation, so I didn’t want to subject the husband to extensive photo set-ups. I knew I’d have a lot of photos by the end of the trip, so I tried to limit what I shot, so that it wouldn’t take me months to edit everything. I tend to pick which photos I’m going to post pretty quickly – I’ve gotten into a pretty good workflow from doing weddings.

  11. Loooks like if one is after peaceful places, this is a must! Seems so quiet at those moments, I wonder if it is all the time like it. At moments I like some noise. Nevertheless this transportation to those places was sweet. Thanks.
    ~Great Love there!
    Miriam from peelingtheorange.

  12. Bellissimo pics, where did you go to photography school ? Im going to Italia for Culinary school in Taurino. I look forward to photo shoots and of course the cuisine and wine.

  13. I was smiling big finding your blog here on Florence. I love Italy and Florence the Beautiful. I too have sat on the wrong track and had no ideal it my train had moved to another one. I love Italy style 🙂 Laid back, cool and eventually you’ll get what you need. The first sight of that Duomo nearly sucks the breath out of your body.
    thanks so much for sharing this 🙂

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