Rome, Italy


We learned that we were actually docking in Civitavecchia, and that Rome would be another hour and a half train ride into town. We only got about three hours in Florence using that plan, so we decided to book a shore excursion at the last minute. We hopped a bus, and it was off to Rome. First stop, the Vatican.





We walked the halls, which were huge, and checked out the frescoes.





After the Vatican Museum, we went to see the Sistine Chapel. Our guide explained all the different scenes while we were outside in the gardens, since you’re not really supposed to talk in the chapel. You’re also not allowed to take pictures in the chapel. It was packed when we got in there, and tourists are bad at the not talking thing, so it was pretty loud. We’d studied the paintings in Lambert’s class, and talked about how it’s painted in many paces to look like sculpture, like the figures are coming out of the ceiling. I’d seen pictures, but they don’t really do any justice to the effect, they honestly look sculpted. The scale is amazing, the Last Judgement is enormous. The creation of Adam panel, on the other hand, is pretty small.



We drove past St. Peter’s, and saw the Pope. He does an audience in the square every Wednesday. We couldn’t get anywhere near him, of course, because there were a million people. But we did get to see him.



I’d thought the town would be packed, since it was the Anniversary of the Republic, but our guide said that most of the locals take off for the beach then. We decided against waiting in line to get into St. Peter’s, and wandered off on our own. Hung out by the fountains, and took more pictures, then we just sat in the square for awhile people watching.







Later we checked out some of the town, although a lot of the shops were closed for the holiday. We had a nice walk, and then stopped to get cappucino and more gelato. Not as good as the one in Florence, but still pretty good.









We met back up with our group, and headed for the Colosseum.







It’s amazing, although we didn’t have time to really explore it. The whole city has ancient ruins overlapping modern buildings.









Rome was a bit of a blur. We headed back, and it started raining when we hit Civitavecchia – we’d had perfect weather all day.



John watched Goonies on the train ride back.



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