Naples & Pompeii


Today our port was actually right by the city. We were really dragging this morning, so we got out about an hour after we docked. We decided to go to Pompeii first, and hitched a ride with Vincenzo, our cab driver. He didn’t speak a ton of English, but we sort of got a tour on the way.







Pompeii was incredible, and I guess we beat the crowd there. It’s huge, and easy to get lost. John stopped in at a cafe to grab a drink, and I wandered out onto a rooftop I apparently wasn’t supposed to be on. It had a great view, so I got some photos before I got yelled at in Italian.





We did some more exploring, and some of it is really well preserved. You can see the original tile from the floor. Other places had a lot of brick filling in to hold up the original stone.







Vincenzo hung out while we spent about two hours there. We got to see Vesuvius, but couldn’t climb up it. On our way out the courtyard was totally packed, so I’m glad we made it out early. They have quite a few stray dogs that live there, mostly they just sleep.





John decided that this sign meant “No High-Fives”.

We took off for Naples (at 120 km/hr – Vincenzo drives like John). We got to see the Basilica of San Francesco, and the Galleria, which is like a mall, but so much prettier. We checked out the shops and got some pastries and chocolate to bring home.



Like the rest of Italy, narrow streets and scooters everywhere. And dogs. Stray, leashed, they’re everywhere.





Eventually, we stopped at a cafe to get pizza. John like that the best, but I still think the gelato was better. Naples is so busy, much more hurried than Florence or Rome. We also saw a wedding party walking around Naples – everywhere I go, I seem to run into weddings.



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