Pork Dorks ’11

So this past Saturday, we roasted a pig in our backyard. (Note to concerned parties: contains photos of said pig. So, do what you gotta do. Also contains photos of beer, guns, and shenanigans, so… you know, an average Friday night in West Brownsville.)
Planning for this started months ago, but first shift for set-up showed up around 1:00 in the morning on Saturday. Actually, I got a text around midnight that the boys were out in the pavilion fishing and listening to Anti-Flag, so I headed out a little early.



The spit was mostly constructed, since we’ve done chicken roasts before. It took a little bit of custom welding, though, and some extra set-up.



We also needed Adam to MacGyver together a holster for the thermometer.



I had my ISO set to about one billion.



Set-up’s dirty work.





Since roasting an entire pig wasn’t enough, they went ahead and stuffed it with brats and sauerkraut.



I didn’t know there would be hammering involved.





I think you’re a bit late on that one. The boys informed us that you just don’t come to West Brownsville at 3:00 in the morning NOT strapped. Good to know.



Getting it from the truck to the spit was a bit of an event.



Once we got everything set up, it was mostly just a matter of baby-sitting the spit. I made mountain pies for the crew, and went to bed sometime around 5 a.m.



The roast itself was a blast. There were already people showing up when I got out of bed, and I spent more time running around, greeting folks, and trying to get food than I did taking pictures. Plus, once the rest of the band showed up I was busy playing fiddle. We never did an official count, but John thought we had around 90 people there over the course of a day. The boys got shirts and chefs hats made for the occasion.



Abby has a new BFF.





It was a good time, and for those that missed it, the boys are already planning another one.



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